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Escape that dull and demotivated commercial gym environment

Try a unique style of outdoor training designed for any level of fitness

Feel part of a team with like-minded, supportive, everyday people 

No looking over your shoulder as someone has always got your back

Get satisfaction from knowing you have pushed your OWN limits

All About FitnessOutdoors

"Hi, I'm Stewart, and I plan to be the one you rely on to aid you in achieving your fitness goals.  My background of being in the army, a qualified personal trainer and rugby coach, and studying for a BA (Hons) degree in Sports Coaching & Performance has given me the experience I need to do this.  Personally, I think everyone has a goal in terms of fitness - they just need to find the path to begin with and for you that is me and our trainers at FitnessOutdoors.  We can't wait to welcome you on board!"

Fitness Outdoors was established in 2011 primarily offering a new concept of providing outdoor fitness in some of Chorley's stunning parks, leisure and nature reserves.  Currently operating from Astley Park and, from May 2023, we are delighted to announce another venue: FitnessOutdoors REenergised Centre, Brookfields Playing Fields in Astley Village, Chorley, which will be its primary fitness centre.


This new site shares its facilities with Chorley Rugby Union Club and we look forward to building relationships with like-minded organisations where sport and fitness go hand-in-hand.



Twice a month we meet up on a Sunday and bang out a session together. No rules, anything can happen. We just sort a time, meet up and smash it as one.

Morning circuit: 
Everybody’s welcome to this session including babies in prams. Peak time after school drop off or if you’re just off work. Get down and start your day the right way with a full body workout at your pace. 

FO Kids: 
For ages 10-16. Perfect for kids who play sport or just want to get fit. Learn how to warm up, effective ways of working the body in a safe environment. 

Great for beginners or "blue vests". Concentrating more on basic but effective movements at a slower pace whilst having fun. 

Anything can happen. A bit like sessions now. Suitable for all bib colours (blue, red, and black) but the pace ups a level and intensity is high. Varied functional exercise at its best.

Short, quick and intense. METAfit(TM) is the best form of HIIT workout you’ll ever complete. Anyone can do it, you just need to be brave. A real sense of achievement when complete. 

FO Park Session: 
Our original type of session. Using the beautiful Astley park as our venue. Massively varied, hugely effective in feeling great. A military style feel to exercise. From beginners to advanced fitness levels, everybody gets through it together. 


Price Plan


Contact Us

Brookfields Park, Chancery Fields, Astley Village, Chorley, PR7 1DG

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