Fitness Outdoors - Get fit with a smile on your face
Personal Training
Covering Chorley and most parts of Lancashire.
If you aren't familiar with Personal Training then it's important to remember that it is the fastest growing method of achieving results. Working out with a Personal Trainer enables you to burn 400-600 calories per session than you would training on your own.
That added motivation and knowledge can get you where you want to be faster.
You will pay for gym memberships that don't give you anything other than less money each month. Investing in Personal Training with FitnessOutdoors will produce desired results without wasting time.
Most people don't know where to start putting effective fitness programs together. Hiring a Personal Trainer with expansive knowledge and dedication to you is what you need.
You MOT your car. Why not MOT yourself?
Whether it be.....
Weight Loss
Muscle Toning
Sport Specific Training
Strength Training
Marathon/Event Training
Just Feeling Better
You owe it to yourself to get fit with a smile on your face.
What you get with Personal Training
  • 60 minute long one on one sessions.
  • Nutritional advice.
  • Movivation.
  • Times to suit you.
  • Top of the range equipment.
  • Progressive personal programs.
  • Convenient home and outdoor based sessions.
  • Guaranteed results or your money back.
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