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About us
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Fitness these days is over complicated. No wonderpeople get frustrated with false promises at gyms and exercise that never achieves results. Fitness sessions should be fun, challenging and motivating. Every FitnessOutdoors session is just that. 
Our instructors have military and top level fitness backgrounds. We understand what works and what doesn't.
We aim to provide high quality, 60 minute long, instructor led sessions that will leave you feeling a sense of achievement after each and every fitness class. Every class is different and provides an all over body workout.
* Core Work
Working the core (Inside) of the body to set the inner foundations which can then be built upon.
* CV work
Cardio Vascular (CV) exercise that will get the blood pumping, improve overall fitness and build stamina.
* Muscle tone and strength
No more saggy bits as a vast selection of exercise provides an all over body tone. Building strength and making us stronger for everyday tasks.
* Co-ordination and reactions
Keep the body guessingwhich will make us respond quicker and be able to do things quicker.
* Flexibility
With fexibility comes easier movement, less aches and pains and the ability to do more.
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